How do I request adding additional social media icon options?




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    Dylan Robertson

    Please kindly add the Chinese social media icons, Weibo and Youku.

    Also, I tried to use the Skype icon, and it shows up in my sig preview, but when copied to Outlook 365 or Gmail, the icon won't display. Other social network icons were working fine, however.

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    Kate Stone Matheson

    Would love to be able to have a Medium icon, or even a live feed. Thanks!

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    Marcio Verdi

    Could you please add ResearchGate, because it is very popular between researchers of the world and Lattes - is popolar in Brazil. Thank you!

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    Hi there. Please could you kindly add and

    Thanks for all your help

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    Bastian Lorenz please <3

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    Travis Brown

    Could you please add

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    Chris Bruce

    Please add Telegram as in

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    Tania Medina

    Please add button. Helpful for portfolio and brochure viewing

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    +1 for ResearchGate, and Mendeley, since they are widely used amongst researchers and academics.
    As far as I can see this post is dead, thus I'd like to make a small suggestion: instead of "suggest a new one" (which leads to this post), why not "add your own" with an upload-style popup in which the user can insert his/her favourite icon and then add the hyperlink behind it?

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    hị, Could you please add to the list, thank you

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    Tisha Rowland

    I'm a Realtor and would LOVE to see Realtor profile linked!

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    Cátia Franco de Santana

    Hi, could you add to the list? It's a platform for translators.


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    Frazier Evans

    How about Kount and BeBee.



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    Trần Thị Hương Giang

    can you add Weibo to the list?? thank you.

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    Rui Goncalo Domingues

    Hello, can you add mixcloud? thank you

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    joao carabetta

    What about Medium?

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    Rachel McFadden

    Could you add The Loop (like Linkedin for creative industries). Thanks! :)

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    please add 'line' 


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    Nguyen Huong Ly

    Please add 

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    Mai Dang

    please add Thank you

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    Danilo Candido


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    Erkan Isik

    Could you add steam groups page to HTML Signatures?


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    Aveem Alvi

    Can you please add a general assembly logo so that i can fit my instructor profile in

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    Christina Winstanley

    Please add Etsy or another way to add more than one website link

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    Jordan Jessen

    A link to Angie's List please!!! 

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    Monica Mody

    Please add Medium!

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    Joshua Jagelman

    Hi, Please add WeChat and Instagram.

    Also, as a paying client, would be good if you could provide a reason why certain requests are not or cannot be met.



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    Can you please add WeTransfer? Thank you!

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    Kelam Praveen Kumar

    Hello there, Request you to include Blogger into a social media.

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